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Creators of luxurious cards designed to spark fun and meaningful moments of connection through questions, curiosity and conversation.

About Us
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I learnt real, new things about my husband that we have never talked about before.

We got through a bottle of wine and 11 questions in a whole evening. It was a really enjoyable experience, can’t wait to play again – next time over a pub lunch!


There is something truly magical and mysterious that happens in a great conversation; to be truly present, to share your story and to listen to theirs. To exchange something authentic that allows you to really know them and to be known by them, piece by piece.


Those moments when the conversation is so glorious you don't want to leave the room, even for a moment, in case it's not the same when you return.


It is our desire to see people have fun whilst they connect in a meaningful way with their most significant relationships.


Once upon a time, I was hunting for a conversation game to take on an anniversary weekend away but couldn't find what I needed. The only products I found had questions that leaned toward being too


superficial // intense // crude // negative

I wanted to talk about new things, real things and fun things. Questions that would lead us down memory lane and remember the good old days and those that would help us dream together. Questions that would spark a conversation that was 

meaningful // interesting // fun // positive


After a couple of years of development and testing we launched on Kickstarter in October 2019 and the project was fully funded in less than a week.

280 packs

into 20 countries

over 5 continents

in less than one month

The Story
The Cards

Questions have been carefully curated in three levels of increasing depth to facilitate an authentic conversational progression.

Sample Qs

Divide the deck into the three levels and place each set face down.

Begin with a few cards from the first level before moving onto the next when you're both ready to do so.

The cards are designed to prompt meaningful conversations, some questions will naturally lead onto questions of your own.

Give yourselves space to explore topics, as far as you're both happy to do so, then simply pick up where you left off.


Aimed at couples aged from 18 -118

For those that have been together for 5 days or 50+ years and everything in between

For those that can't stop talking and those that aren't sure how to start

For those newly together, newly in love, newly engaged, newlywed, new parents, new empty nesters, newly retired and lovers of a new experience

The couples edition is designed with couples in mind, but there's nothing to say you couldn't whip them out on a first date, double date or dinner-party and have a brilliant time.

The players

"We ordered takeaway and opened Q cards and it was the best date we have had in a very long time"



"My wife and I used to prioritise a regular date night; but since the kids came along we can’t get out as easily and if I’m honest, we had fallen into the habit of just flopping in front of the TV.

I was a bit sceptical that the cards might be a bit too lovey-dovey for me but it wasn’t that at all. The questions really suck you in and we spent a whole hour just on one question once we got going"



"It sounds silly but I had forgotten how much I loved talking to him! (laughs)

So much of our time and energy is taken up by our busy family life but it was so nice to pause and reconnect"


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